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Entrepreneurship is a daunting and lonely road as a student. You don’t have to suffer in silence

Maloba Consulting helps students in the following areas



in Higher Education


competitions preparation

We help university students with their pitch, pitch deck and EDHE judging criteria

Entrepreneurship Bespoke

Program Development

We also develop curated cohort programs. Entrepreneurship is a lonely road, there is a massive need for community.

Experiential Workshops

The interactive and immersive nature of these workshops allows participants to learn by doing, making them more engaging, effective, and enjoyable learning experiences.

Business 1:1 Coaching

Working 1:1 with the entrepreneurs, helping them leverage their strong points and training them to overcome their areas of growth

Business 1:1 Mentoring

Same as coaching but the difference is that this engagement is more of a holistic nature. Seeing the entrepreneur as an individual first. It’s also on a long time basis.

Public Speaking


Public speaking training can be conducted through workshops, seminars, one-on-one coaching, or online courses. It provides participants with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to deliver powerful presentations, influence others, and effectively convey their messages in various professional and personal contexts.

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to jump on a call with you.

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