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At Maloba Consulting, we help entrepreneurs to scale and expand.

Check our portfolio of startups who benefited from our services.


Asé Hair help black women between the ages 18-60 achieve their desired hair growth, by using organic ingredient concentrated haircare products, while offering them haircare guidance and support .


A B2B internet marketplace and last-mile distribution partner, offering tech-enabled, route-to-market development and merchandising for FMCG suppliers in undeveloped areas while helping unbanked businesses grow through efficient delivery, an affordable product offering, inventory management, and Micro-Lending. Leveraging mobile phone technology to aggregate demand for Fast Moving Consumer Goods suppliers from informal retailers by creating daily collective orders, by purchasing in bulk directly from FMCG suppliers - taking advantage of economies of scale, at a discount, allowing us to offer instant and direct last-mile distribution to informal retail shops. This effectively shortens and creates more efficiency within the supply chain between FMCG suppliers and informal retailers.


Daftar is a platform that connects property managers, occupants and craftsmen to improve visibility and transparency for the intervention management process.


DiVRsitee is a startup offering serious educational games in virtual reality to fight against prejudices about people in vulnerable situations and promote inclusion by experimenting with situations experienced by minorities around us.


e-HHiKe is a community based mobility platform efficiently and autonomously connecting riders and drivers traveling from similar locations to similar destinations. The platform encourages and promotes sustainable travel by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the number of vehicles on the road, fuel consumption, and generates personalised analytics on individual carbon footprint contributions.


Miam Miam Family is a fun community platform to fight against the waste of quality local products.

Farmers, processors and wholesalers can donate or sell their unsold and surplus products at low prices to consumers.

It is a platform at the service of food accessibility. It can thus enable farmers in French regions to improve their income by facilitating the donation or sale of their surplus or unsold products at low prices to consumers in a situation of food insecurity who want to eat locally.


Spica is a collaborative platform for language learners. It brings together language learners from different cultures. Within an international community and with expert support from professional teachers, Spica members practise and advance their language and soft skills effectively and in real-life situations.

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