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Entrepreneurship is a daunting and lonely road. You don’t have to suffer in silence

At Maloba Consulting we offer the following services to startups


Starter Pack

  • Pitch Deck: A pitch deck is an essential tool for an entrepreneur. It helps you tell a story to the relevant people with the goal to turn them into ambassadors, partners or investors. We will help you build one and make it aesthetically pleasing.

  • Legal assistance: company registration, MOI, SHA etc. As a founder, we need to focus on building the company and not get lost in the minute details of legally establishing it. We can help you build a data room with the necessary legal documents.

  • Technical Assistance: We live in a digital era, you can’t afford not to have a digital footprint. You don’t need to learn how to code or stress about finding talented and trustworthy developers. We can take care of that for you. 

    • Website development: Landing page, eCommerce, etc

    • Logo design, Letterhead etc: A common mistake some entrepreneurs make is neglecting the power of branding. You need to build a strong brand as soon as possible.

  • Go-to-market strategy (GTM): To ensure a successful launch of a product, it is crucial to concoct a strong GMT. This will enable you to understand the target market, identify the right time and the right potential users.

  • Marketing: Social media presence (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc.) is a must have. Knowing what to post and when to do so is an art and we are good at it.

  • Finance: Projections, Cash balance, income statement, cash flow templates etc. It is very likely that as a founder, you do not have a financial background to understand your business data. We are here to help you with all the templates and training you need to have a good grasp of your business finances.


You can book consultations sessions with us. The minimum is 1 hour. Engaging with you on a one on one level will help us get a better understanding of your business needs.

  • Gap Analysis: A gap analysis is the process that companies use to compare their current performance with their desired, expected performance. This analysis is used to determine whether a company is meeting expectations and using its resources effectively.

  • Diagnostics Assessment: An effective business diagnostic process provides the manager/ management team with a practical framework for identifying the current and desired health of a business in terms of its people, products, services, customers and financial position as well as identifying appropriate planning strategies.

  • User research: User research is paramount to inspire your design, to evaluate your solutions, and to measure your impact. User research (and other kinds of research) is often divided into quantitative and qualitative methods. Surveys and formal experiments such as A/B testing and tree testing are examples of quantitative research tools.


Just because you can raise funds does not mean you should do it. When is the right time to give up equity for funding? Where can you get non-dilutive funds? These questions that most entrepreneurs ask themselves, likely for you we have some answers.

  • How to fundraise: From pre-seed stage to series A

  • When to fundraise: Too often we see entrepreneurs rush to raise funds and make bad decisions. Make sure you seek advice before doing so.

  • Ideal investors profiling: Not every investor is ideal for your business. We will help you identify the right investors for you.

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to jump on a call with you.

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