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Soft landing in this context refers to the process or program that assists startups in expanding their operations or establishing a presence in the South African market. Maloba Consulting provides support, resources, and guidance to startups to help them navigate the challenges of entering this new market or ecosystem.

Maloba Consulting offers the following services

Market Entry


Assistance in entering the South African market by providing market research, industry insights, and connections to local networks and partners. This support can help startups understand the local market dynamics, identify potential customers and competitors, and tailor their products or services accordingly.

 Infrastructure and

Office Space

Providing startups with access to office spaces, co-working facilities, or incubation centres. These spaces are equipped with essential amenities and infrastructure, allowing startups to have a physical presence and establish operations in the new location without significant upfront costs.

Networking and Mentoring

Facilitating networking opportunities by connecting startups with local industry experts, mentors, investors, and potential customers. These connections can provide valuable guidance, advice, and access to funding opportunities, accelerating the startup's growth and expansion in the new market.

Regulatory and

Legal Support

Entering a new market often involves navigating complex regulatory and legal frameworks. Maloba Consulting can help startups understand and comply with local laws, regulations, and licensing requirements. We can also connect startups with legal professionals who specialise in the relevant fields.

Funding and Investment Opportunities

Maloba Consulting can help startups access funding and investment opportunities in the new market. We can organise pitch events, investor showcases, or matchmaking sessions, where startups can pitch their ideas to potential investors or secure funding for their growth plans.

Cultural and

Language Support

Maloba Consulting recognizes the importance of understanding the local culture and language. We may provide language training, cultural orientation sessions, and assistance in overcoming language barriers, helping startups adapt and communicate effectively in the new market.

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to jump on a call with you.

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