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Corporate organisations need to remain innovative if they do not want to be disrupted by rising up startups. Disruptive innovation is an innovation that simplifies and makes more affordable products and services to undesirable or ignored markets. Established companies typically strive to improve their products and services for their profitable customer base, largely ignoring the needs and desires of untapped segments.

Maloba Consulting can help your organisation become more innovative with the following services

Training in Human

Centred Design

Specifically focused on Design Thinking. We will train your executive team and staff to become more creative and think more innovatively.



We learn best by doing. Training should not only be theoretical but pragmatic.


This is a great opportunity to source exceptional talent to join your team but also give an opportunity to people to solve some of the challenges your organisation faces.



Of course, each organisation is different. We have tailor made programs to accommodate each organisation’s specific needs.

Stellenbosch Business


Lion's Den

Lion’s Den was created in 2018 to connect the impressive network of entrepreneurs and organisations surrounding Stellenbosch Business School.
The 2023 cohort will consist of 30 participants from diverse backgrounds.

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to jump on a call with you.

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