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Maloba Consulting, dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship to uplift nations, is seeking a dynamic and visionary Venture Builder to join our team. As a Venture Builder at Maloba Consulting, you will be at the forefront of creating and developing innovative startups with a focus on driving positive change and economic growth. Given the startup environment, versatility and adaptability are key traits for success in this role

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Idea Generation:

● Lead the identification of market opportunities and the creation of innovative startup concepts.

● Collaborate with cross-functional teams to refine and develop business ideas.


Team Formation:

● Assemble and lead dedicated teams of entrepreneurs, ensuring a diverse skill set within each team.

● Foster a collaborative and innovative culture within the startup teams.


Seed Funding:

● Provide initial funding for startup projects, negotiating equity arrangements.

● Collaborate with internal stakeholders to secure necessary financial resources.


Operational Support:

● Offer comprehensive operational support, including legal, financial, marketing, and technical resources.

● Ensure startups have the necessary tools and resources to execute their business plans.


Mentorship and Guidance:

● Provide mentorship and guidance to startup teams, leveraging your experience and industry knowledge.

● Support entrepreneurs in navigating challenges and making informed decisions.


Iterative Development:

● Implement and oversee a rapid and iterative development process for startup ideas.

● Analyze market feedback and adjust business strategies accordingly. Equity



● Negotiate and manage equity stakes in startups, aligning interests with the success of the ventures.

● Monitor the performance and growth of each startup in the portfolio.


Portfolio Approach:

● Manage a portfolio of startup projects concurrently, ensuring diversification and risk management.

● Evaluate the scalability and potential success of each startup concept.


Exit Strategies:

● Develop and execute exit strategies for successful ventures, including acquisitions or IPOs.

● Work towards maximizing returns on investments for both Maloba Consulting and startup teams.



● The candidate should be based in Johannesburg.

● Bachelor's degree in Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, or a related field.

● Minimum of 3 years of experience in venture building or startup ecosystem development.

● Proven track record of successfully creating and scaling startup ventures. ● Excellent communication skills and the ability to lead and inspire cross-functional teams.

● A visionary and innovative mindset with a passion for driving positive change.

Advantage if you are familiar with the following Softwares: Canva, notion, Google suites, zoom, Wix

Apply Now

If you are a dynamic and visionary professional passionate about creating and growing innovative startups, and you meet the requirements mentioned above, please send your CV and portfolio to Join us in our mission to empower entrepreneurs and drive innovation for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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