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Welcome to It's a breeze: Your Business Financial 
Literacy Solution

At the heart of It's a breeze lies a simple yet profound mission: to fast-track peoples' working knowledge of FINANCE. Across the world there is a general void when it comes to a working knowledge of Finance and Accounting, leading to all sorts of clear and hidden costs to people, organisations and societies. We believe Reckoning (i.e. Accounting and Finance) is the "missing 4th R" of basic literacy that every citizen should be equipped with.


Customized Training Programs: Tailored courses designed for entrepreneurs, employees and managers.

Innovative Learning Tools: Access to cutting-edge financial software. Financial scenarios and real-world case studies for practical learning.

Expert-Led Instruction: Guidance from industry experts with extensive experience in finance and education.

Ongoing Support and Mentorship: Continuous access to financial experts for personalized advice and mentorship.

Flexible Learning Options: Online and offline learning modes to accommodate different schedules and learning preferences.

Performance Tracking and Assessment: Tools to monitor progress and assess understanding through quizzes and practical assignments.

The Mission: Empower Financial Wisdom

Empowering individuals and organizations with comprehensive financial literacy through innovative training and tools, fostering confident and informed financial decision-making across all levels of business.

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Experience the power of It's a Breeze firsthand with our exclusive offer. Dive into a world of innovation and opportunity as you explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to fuel your financial journey. 

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