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Welcome to Emerald Africa: Enabling greater access to finance for rural SMEs

Emerald Africa provides debt to early-stage digital innovators, based in sub-Saharan Africa, who are enabling greater access to finance for rural SMEs. The capital provided by Emerald Africa will act as a bridge to allow start-ups to reach future funding rounds and grow their success

Funding for loan books for early-stage companies

Simple debt product, enabling founders to keep their precious equity.

Quick and responsive to the needs of entrepreneurs

Boosting Innovation: By filling the gap in debt financing, we support innovative business models, especially those in rural areas

Sustainable Growth: Our financing solution fosters sustainable business growth, enabling rural-focused SMEs to thrive, create jobs, etc.

Empowered Founders: Founders are empowered to grow their businesses on their terms, with the financial backing they need 

The Mission:  thriving and well-funded ecosystem around rural focused small and medium-sized
enterprises across Africa.

At the heart of Emerald Africa lies a simple yet profound mission. It is an exciting time for business and innovation in Africa, but currently there are insufficient debt products to meet this growing demand, particular for new and emerging business models that are powered by technology. Emerald Africa acts as a bridge to allow start-ups to reach future funding rounds and grow their success

Unlock Your Funding with Emerald Africa: Apply Now

Emerald Africa focuses on supporting companies that enable their customers and clients to thrive. If you can say yes to these questions then we want to hear from you:

  • Are you a digital innovator offering credit with a rural/agri focus?

  • Are you focussed on sub-Saharan Africa?

  • Have you undertaken a pilot and achieved product-market fit?

  • Are you at pre-Seed/Seed stage, requiring $50-$250k to grow your credit offerings to clients?

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